Art vandalism and is Graffiti art?

This drawing is from a carousel series. It is 22x30" on Stonehenge paper with sumi ink, gesso and oil sticks. The figure on the right is really negative space and always seems to appear. It fascinates me.
I'm a member of our local cultural council and one of our grant recipients this year had her outdoor installation vandalized. Since so many artists have that distinction, I emailed her a list of well known artsts whose work has been vandalized. Googled art vandalism and found a lot of interesting articles. One thought provoking one is on about.com which is about graffiti and questions if is it art or vandalsim. Here's the link http://painting.about.com/b/a/257519.htm There is a poll you can participate in as to whether you think it is art or vandalism. I think it is art. It is full of passion, markmaking and history. It creates passionate responses, can be thought provoking It can be collaborative, individual and competitive as well as very political. It is dangerous work and can also be temporary.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

I love this drawing... I get fascinated with negative spaces as well!! I struggle with the question of "art or vandalism". I just die for the chance to go out and photograph graffitti and art vandalism, but I am too selfconsious to be observed doing it!!

FYI: Serviettes are paper tissue napkins.


Cynthia said...

Thanks for visiting Leanne. Such a fancy name for paper napkins. Love it. It seems to be harder to see graffiti here. Our train station was revamped so no more there. Would love to see what's happening in your area. Maybe one day you'll be able to sneak a quick photo.

Ophelia said...

This is such an incredible drawing!!