March theme - Spilling Over

Finally have done something for this month's challenge. This is actually two pages from my sketchbook. Having issues since the pages are perforated and all that I've worked on are falling out so I'll be keeping them in a box. (see Diana Trout's blog on her idea for this).

My yellow tutu with the rainbow color overlay. The song: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sung by Judy Garland. Such a wonderful MEMORY. A joyful moment at a time of sorrow. An earthquake in Japan followed by a tsunami that came six miles inland. And now their nuclear reactors are melting and sending radioactivity into the atmosphere threatening people, water and food. A horrible mess and only time will tell how the whole world will be effected. I was really awed by how this theme has really captured these events: Spilling over of the ocean, spilling over of people, homes, cars and now spilling over of nuclear rods melting and spilling over into the air. Took me awhile to recover my senses (although not sure that is true). Found Pam Carriker's blog and seeing her in her blue tutu and which then led me to Hip Chick Designs blog and her tutu slide photos. Reminded me of finding Joy...

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