rainy day

Rainy day here. Took this photo on last rainy day. This is looking out one of my studio windows. Been awhile and discovered blogger has new updates so going to give it a try. Looking for ways to get out of a sadness fog from the death of my nephew. I've discovered that I have a picasa? album and very surprised. Some images I didn't think I needed there. Didn't realize that if I deleted them they would be deleted from my blog thus the black rectangles with a minus circle here. aargh! Oh well, surprise! So I am going to try and get some new images here as soon as I can and everything else will go into the archives. Can't seem to keep up with all that I've managed to sign up with at the beginning of the year. Time to figure out what I'm doing and get back to my artwork. This months theme at the Sketchbook Challenge is Urban Sketching. I think I'm going to do photos for this.

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