First Project finished for 2014

Started this project in December and finished it yesterday. I was inspired to crochet, something I haven't done in years, by Cindy a member of an art group I belong to. She was making beautifully crocheted Christmas gifts. I didn't want to buy any new yarn though. I've seen the projects done using plastic bags and since I've been saving them to donate to our yearly Rummage Sale I decided to use some of them. I think I used at least 8 dozen for this bag. I lost count after awhile. It is definitely tougher to crochet plastic than luscious soft yarns. But it was fun to discover how colorful the printed logos and texts became. I decided to give this shopping bag to my dear artist friend, Sharon, who really dislikes plastic bags as they are deadly to sea life since many bags end up in the waterways and oceans. I think she'll be pleased that at least this many will not be.
The idea for making my own buttons for journal covers inspired me to join the clay class here. Great fun. This red button works great on this project.
Wishing you all an art filled, creative, happy and healthy new year.


Elizabeth said...

Create on Cynthia! This is such a fun bag.

Ellie said...

Thanks Cynthia for the advice about Blue Tuscany. I did finally take it outside and did get a much better photo. Also thanks so much for visiting my blog and making a comment. I know you know how much that means. Love your crocheted bag; it's so cute and I think the red button just adds beautifully to the personality.