Two new journals

My new handmade FauxMidori journal made at our artist group get together. Thank you Miriam for showing us how to do this. Great fun. Although these covers are usually made from leather, I made mine from vinyl cut from a pocketbook that I just couldn't throw away. Now to organize the separate journals inside.

I missed our last month's get together. The project was to make a cover for a notebook and was inspired by Roben Marie. Thank you Cindy for putting the project together and all the supplies. Well these special artist friends made one for me and one for Susan who also had to miss that month as well. What a treat and so special of them to do this. Thank you Cindy, Jane, Miriam and Darlene.

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Ginny Stiles said...

Oh my gosh, Cynthia, these are super duper. Have to admit the colored one draws my eye faster, but bet the leather-like one is very lovely to handle and looks amazingly professional!
I don't think you listed the size of the journal. I always think that is good to put on the description so people get some "scale" of the project. Can't wait to see them in person this fall!