sketch one

Sorry it is taking me forever to do my scanning. I need to unplug printer, then scan into my old computer, then email images to the newer computer in order to upload to blogger. It is an issue of old vs new technology and high speed access. I'm determined to find the humor in it all. Anyway, here is my first sketch for the sketchbook challenge. It is my beloved ear irrigator. I've used gesso, sumi ink and oil pastel (blue and some black on the irrigator). Now that I've made the copy the two white drips on the right are bugging me so I might play with that a bit more but on the other hand I might just leave it. I so highly prize my irrigator. It doesn't let me control very much at all.


Tammy Freiborg said...

You've put a smile on my face! I love this! An ear irrigator! ... such a lovely blue surrounded by the mystery of letting go.

teri said...

this is delightful. I love the playfulness in your art!!